Panasonic Toughbook S1 (7") Mk1 4G with Bonus Vehicle Docking Station and Car Charger Lighter Plug




Panasonic Toughbook S1 (7") Mk1 4G with Bonus Gamber Johnson Tablet Vehicle Docking Station, Dual RF – Thin Model + Bonus 12-32V DC 10W CIG LIGHTER PLUG for S1This 7-inch enterprise tablet is easy to use single handed, adaptable for a variety of tasks yet powerful and tough enough to cope with the busiest shift. The thin design of this Panasonic Toughbook S1/L1 docking station will enable the dock to be mounted close to the instrument panel and will still accommodate the tablet’s large battery and bar code reader. If you will require antenna pass-through but will not need the tablet’s rotating hand strap then this is the docking station for you.

Weight 3.4 kg